A selected mix of microbials used following an early hail event to stimulate regrowth from the point of breakage rather than a lateral bud. This mix of microbials is found in Soyfx™ seed applied and is offered for those who didn’t use it in their seed treatment program. Soyfx™ contains microbials that enhance regrowth following a hail event, so the point of stem breakage grows rather than growth from an axillary bud. Therefore, if there is a hailstorm early enough that replanting is an option, Soyfx™ reduces the need to replant.


  • Specific bacteria to trigger plant response
  • Enhanced plant growth after application
  • Regrows from scars rather than lateral branching
  • Rescued yield potential

Application Rates:

  • Foliar: 32 fl. Oz. per acre with 10 to 20 gallons water. It can be both a preemptive application and a rescue treatment to soybeans. If preemptive, apply to small plans (V2-V4) with water alone or it may be tank mixed with other products (perform a jar test to verify compatibility). If using as a rescue treatment apply within three days to a week of the hail event to maximize benefit. As a rescue treatment applying with water alone wild be the normal treatment.