A mix of genetically identified and patented bacteria, along with archaea and fungi. While many microbes live naturally in a plant, this mix of microorganisms has been selected to support, enhance, or supplement plant functions. IONfx™ unlocks a plants ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites.


  • Increased yield
  • Phosphate solubilization through microbial activity
  • Reduced ethylene production (associated with aging and senescence)
  • pH regulation
  • Reduced Reactive Oxygen species
  • General stress mitigation
  • Improved early vigor and less purpling
  • Increases forage quality and yield
  • Better heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Increases occurrence of tillering and/or second ear with corn

Application Rates:

  • Seed: 1 fl. Oz. per 80,000 seeds via seed treater. Can be co-applied with other products
  • In furrow: 16 fl. Oz per acre and minimum of 5 gpa rate
  • Foliar: 16 fl. Oz. per acre with 10 to 20 gallons water. May be tank mixed with other products. For corn or sorghum, V3-V7 would be ideal application stage.