Soil and Plant Activator is a high carbon, homogenized extract of Leonardite using a proprietary three-way extraction process to ensure highest levels of humic acid(s). It will aid in improving essential rations of air and water in the soil (pore space) resulting in reduced compaction. It also aids in the uptake of soil phosphate (both applied and soil reserve) and helps increase soil carbon thus often resulting in more plant available nitrogen. PhytoGroXtra™ also contains enzyme/microbial extract concentrate, additional soil modifiers and chelated micronutrients. Available in 2.5-gallon jugs or 250-gallon totes.

Common Benefits:

  • Increased seedling vigor
  • Improved nutrient efficiency
  • Reduction in soil sodium
  • Enhanced soil microbial activity
  • Reduction of soil compaction
  • A great additive with liquid 28% nitrogen


  • Transplant solution: 1 to 2 gallons per acre
  • Foliar application: 2 quarts per acre
  • Drip line application: 1 to 3 quarts per acre
  • Greenhouse tomato: 1 cup per week per greenhouse