ISP soluble plant food represent the ultimate in nutrient purity and quality with most components being technical or food grade material. Although ISP soluble plant foods contain significant nutrient content, they are not fertilizers and show not be considered as part of a fertilizer recommendations with the possible exception of horticulture, fruit, or vegetable production.

Normal usage rate of 5-30 pounds per acre are not large enough to impact season-long nutrient requirements. However, for a period of 4-10 days you can create an environment of luxury consumption. ISP soluble plant foods are designed for use at specific points in the growing season. For example, applying during planting or transplanting will aid in setting high-yield potential. Crop research has shown that maximum yield potential is set within a few days of emergence. In addition, weaker seeds or transplants will often have a significant improvement in vigor and survival, crop uniformity, and stand.

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