Liquid Potassium is carried on a fermented molasses base to provide an immediate source of energy to plants, as well as a microbial stimulation in the soil. It is a unique dark amber, liquid 16% K20 solution, provides an immediate source of potash when applied through drip irrigation.

With a solution pH of 6.0, MetaK-16 also provides a slight acidic reaction to fertigation solutions, and all plants require significant amounts of potash, yet large single applications can easily be lost through leaching from the root feeding zone due to either rain or excessive irrigation. MetaK-16 offers an easy to use method of meeting plant requirements as the growing season progresses.


  • Reduces negative effects from abiotic stress factors such as drought and frost
  • Complexed liquid potassium with high energy
  • Excellent plant absorption when applied as a foliar
  • Easily applied through drip fertigation
  • Stimulates overall plant development
  • Reduces susceptibility to fungal infection