Ammonium Sulfate Replacement is a highly effective solution pH buffer and will provide not only increased chemical effectiveness for those pesticides and herbicides that require an acidic environment, but also provide security that the pesticide will be effective if application is delayed. With non-ionic silicon surfactants, nutrient content, and PGR safeners, Torch will aid with more uniform contact with plant surface and chemical performance.

Mixing Directions:

  • When mixing pesticide solution, add Torch to the water and mix slightly before adding specific pesticide. This will allow Torch to buffer the solution pH, thus providing immediate protection for your crop chemicals.

Mixing Rates:

  • When using pesticide that performs better at a low pH, such as glyphosate, 1-gallon Torch will treat 1200 gallons of total solution. (10 ounces per 100 gallon of solution); Backpack sprayer rates at 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.

Common Benefits:

  • Strong buffering effect
  • Improved chemical efficiency
  • Helps protect your chemical investment
  • Uniform droplet distribution and enhanced plant uptake
  • Reduction of chemical “shock” to the crop itself
  • Potential reduction in total chemical costs
  • Helps to protect herbicide resistance
  • Potentially increased yield by proper weed control


  • Sprays containing lime or lime sulfur and fixed copper fungicides should not be acidified