Harvested for baleage or haylage in 45 days after planting.


Warm season grasses grow best at a soil temperature of 77°F and higher, but require a soil temperature of at least 60°F to show any real growth. They will produce a ton of silage at half the rain that is required with corn silage. These grasses are ideal for hot and dry environments after germination and produce highly digestible sileage or pasture.


Harvested for baleage or haylage in 45 days after planting. Grazing is usually initiated a week to 10 days earlier. Fertilizer needs are 1 to 1 1/4 units of N per growing day, i.e. 45 to 50 units for first cut and 30-35 units for each cut thereafter. Potassium, phosphorous and sulfur are also needed on most farms. All fertilizer needs are the equivalent of the needs for 100 bushel corn.


Usually needs about 10 days to emerge and then can grow 3”-6” per day. Can be planted with a conventional or no-till drill at 1” 1 ½” deep.

Sorghum Sudangrass ADV S6404

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Full-Season BMR-6

  • High-powered and compact
  • Next-level tonnage
  • Great feed quality and strong standability
  • Top performer in multi-cut scenarios, silage, hay or grazing
  • Cattleman’s best friend for versatility and production
Sorghum-Sudangrass ADV S6520

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Photoperiod sensitive BMR-6

  • High digestibility and palatability
  • Strong disease package
  • Strong sugarcane aphid tolerance
  • Strong hybrid for an extended harvest window for silage, hay production and grazing
Sorghum Sudangrass AS6201

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  • Medium-early maturity
  • Good digestibility and palatability
  • Wide adaptability
  • Great for dry hay and rotational grazing
Sorghum Sudangrass AS6402

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  • Late maturity
  • High leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Superb tonnage and high yields
  • Excellent standability and re-growth
  • Brachytic BMR-6 provides high-quality nutrition
Sorghum Sudangrass ADV S6504


  • Excellent re-growth after harvest
  • Superb yield potential
  • BMR-6 provides high quality nutrition
KF SugarPro 55SS Sorghum-Sudan


  • Dry Stalk
  • Grazing, silage, & Baleage
  • High tilllering
  • Drought tolerant
  • Good summer production
  • High quality summer forage BMR gene for high digestibility
  • Easy double-cropping with cool season annual grasses and legumes