Can establish in cool weather in a variety of soil types.


The hardiest of the cereals, rye can be seeded later in the fall than any other grain or grass. It can be used as a forage or a cover crop, with decent forage quality if cut at flag leaf stage. It matures quickly, which often makes Triticale the better choice for overwintering forages and offering a wider harvest window.


Can establish in cool weather in a variety of soil types. It can be killed by incorporating, spraying, or, after boot stage, by mowing or rolling with a stalk chopper. Rye can deplete soil moisture in a dry spring and overwhelm the next crop with residue. It has allelopathy effect which works to suppress weeds, but also may stunt the following corn crop.


Drill ½ to ¾ inch deep at 60-200 lbs per acre or broadcast or aerial seed into standing corn at a higher rate.

Cereal Rye

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  • Can be seeded in the fall later than other small grains and used as forage or cover crop
  • Fast-growing fibrous root system takes up residual nutrients and is good for no-till systems
  • Very good for loosening soil and good soil builder
Pro Power Hybrid Rye


  • Dedicated hybrid for forage
  • High Silage yields
  • Shorter maturity than wheat and triticale
  • Great double crop option
  • Performs well under stress
  • Strong winter survivability