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Peak Forage Solutions, INC

Tim Huffman has been a nutritionist for over 25 years...

Throughout his career he has seen the challenges of forage quality. In 2010 he had a vision of bridging the gap between forage and nutrition. At this time he started two companies named Peak Dairy Consulting, LLC and Peak Forage Products, LLC. These companies focus on increasing forage quality and tonnage with his dairy clients.

Why Peak Forage Solutions?

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Mission Statement

To bridging the gap between forage and nutrition to maximize the profits of our clients.

Vision statement

To produce the most profitable milk utilizing the highest quality of maximum forage in the diet.

Each year Peak Forage Products looks at over 80 different corn grain and corn silage varieties. We also evaluate summer annuals, alfalfa, and cool season grasses and continue to evaluate ways to increase fiber digestibility and tonnage per acre.

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