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Masters Choice Corn


The Masters Choice hybrid program has been foremost in producing corn that has the rare combination of yield plus high starch availability and high fiber digestibility. This has resulted from an over 30 year corn breeding program that first emphasized high sugar levels when the prevailing direction that the corn industry was to was flinty corn to better survive a trip to China in a shiphold. It seemed like at the time it was more important for corn to arrive in China or Russia in one piece when it should have been obvious that it would pass through most animals in one piece also.

Masters Choice has been the preeminent corn for livestock, both for corn silage and either high moisture or dry grain feeding. This quality has been shown over and over again at the World Dairy Expo Forage Analysis Super Bowl (FASB). In 2012, samples submitted by Byron clients averaged over 100#'s of milk per ton over the closest rival. This chart shows the average of all entries from each of these major corn companies and Masters Choice. What has also been shown is that yield for Masters Choice is also as good or better than these companies as well.

The missing link at the FASB is the value of starch availability to your cows as this factor has not yet been added to the "Milk per Ton" formula. The "floury" grain type of Masters Choice represents a great opportunity to cut costs on dairy rations with today's high corn costs. If two corns test the same in starch percent, with one floury and one "flinty," the floury one (MC) will allow for a lower concentrate level since it is more available to the cow. In effect, even though the starch level is equal, there is a bonus because more of the floury Masters Choice is available to the cow than there is with the flinty corn.

By Larry Hawkins